At The Imaginarium, we recognise that the actor’s performance is the essence of the character and must not be lost on its journey to the final digital performance on screen. We work in close collaboration with a team of highly skilled visual effects artists to develop the final on screen digital character which remains true to the original performance. Together we create digital characters with whom an audience can fully and emotionally engage.

Our Motion Capture TDs will have a varied and important role in both the on-stage and post processing areas. They will be responsible for assisting in rigging stages with Vicon motion capture cameras, audio, video systems and hardware. They will also have an active role in the running of Performance Capture shoots – calibration, marker setups, capturing data and tracking.

The ideal candidates will be motivated individuals who enjoy a varied role and have a good understanding of Performance Capture as well as a keen eye for quality control.

The following skills and experience are what we are looking for:

- Knowledge of Vicon motion capture systems and Blade software

- Performance Capture on-set experience

- Knowledge of audio/video systems and integration

- Experience with MotionBuilder/Maya/Softimage desirable

- On-set experience within TV, Film or Theatre desirable