At The Imaginarium, we recognise that the actor’s performance is the essence of the character and must not be lost on its journey to the final digital performance on screen. We work in close collaboration with a team of highly skilled visual effects artists to develop the final on screen digital character which remains true to the original performance. Together we create digital characters with whom an audience can fully and emotionally engage.

Motion Editors are responsible for creating animations that truly translate the actor’s performance on to the target character. You will have a great eye and skill for animation coupled with the experience of working with motion capture data and a desire to create the very best digital characters and performance possible.

The following skills and experience are what we are looking for:

- Strong Animation skills.

- Experience with MotionBuilder/Maya/Nuance.

- Facial capture experience, editing and animating.

- Previous CG production experience in feature films, broadcast or games.

- Mel and/or Python scripting ability desirable.

- Experience with Blade, particularly scripting in Blade desirable.

- Experience with the setup & calibration of Optical Motion Capture Equipment desirable.