Performance Capture is the technical process used to translate an actor’s performance into a digital character.

Each subtle facial expression, body movement and vocalisation is recorded via a synchronised array of specialised cameras and used to deliver a computer-generated or ‘digital’ character which can look either photo-real or stylised.

This process allows for direct real-time communication and spontaneity on set between actors, and between the director and actor. Performance is at the centre of the process; this is what gives a digital character life and soul.

At The Imaginarium, we recognise that the actor’s performance is the essence of the character and must not be lost on its journey to the final digital performance on screen. We work in close collaboration with a team of highly skilled visual effects artists to develop the final on screen digital character, which remains true to the original performance. Together we create digital characters with whom an audience can fully and emotionally engage.

Performance Capture has brought to life the fantasy worlds of Lord of the RingsKing KongAvatarRise of the Planet of the ApesThe Adventures of Tintin and other recent hit movies.