The Imaginarium is not purely a dry hire studio. It does provide body capture, facial capture, and full performance capture with sound, but it also offers pre- and post-visualisation services with virtual camera, live action set capture, and site-specific real time capture for live performance events.

From consultation, casting, script and character development, rehearsal and movement coaching, through to pre-production and principle photography, our goal is to provide a bespoke service in order to guide the client and help bring their virtual character concepts to life, whether they are based in fantasy or reality, photo-realistically rendered or highly stylised, for film, games or television.

The Imaginarium’s entire operation is centred around the notion that it is not just the capturing of a truthful performance by an actor/dancer/performer that ensures great results. Equally important is retaining and protecting the fidelity of that performance. This is achieved by in-house handling of data. From tracking to solving and rigging, the performance is creatively monitored and quality controlled. The performance can be delivered in a number of ways depending on the client’s requirements, from clean motion capture data to full body and facial solve on target rigs.

Whether you require simple body capture, or full consultancy and production services, The Imaginarium is ready to meet your creative challenges.






Character Development and Concept Design
Script Development, Writing and Storytelling Workshops
Writer and Director Booking
Casting and Talent Booking
Rehearsing and Script Refinement
Digital Avatar ‘Puppeteering’ Workshops
Stunt Direction, Weapons and Combat Training

Character Design
Prop and Set Build
In-House 3D Body and Facial Scanning
Facial and Body Rigging
Mask Making & Creature Shop

Director Attachment Options
Large Motion Capture Volume at Ealing Studios
Up to 100 Vicon Cameras
On-Location Mobile Capture Rig
Floor Manager and 1st Assistant Director
Blade and Motion Builder Operators
Optical Facial Capture
Wireless Head Mounted Facial Capture Cameras
Reference Camera Footage
On Set Character Solving
Real-Time Pre Visualisation
Film Set Schedule including Crew Catering
Sound Recordist and Boom Operator
Audio Playback
Onstage Avid

Post Production Management
Tracking & Re-Targeting
Posture Fixing
Motion Editing to First Pass or Final Quality Motion Edit
Additional Dialogue Recording
Quality Assurance